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Please post your data-import requests here.


We've had some discussions about importing data from Mi Yodeya. The community hasn't yet decided what, if any, bulk imports to do, but we've had some requests to import specific questions and we'd like to support that. Importing is better than cutting and pasting -- it means you can bring over anything (with attribution), not just your own work, including answers to your own questions that already exist there. (This community is then, of course, free to apply the usual moderation tools here.)

Please comment on this post with links to specific questions on Mi Yodeya that you would like to import to this site. Let's say up to five links per comment, to keep things manageable for the team. Developers will do those imports (in batches, not immediately) and we'll delete the comments.

We will bring the posts in with their scores. There was some support for doing so on the linked question, and if the community decides otherwise, this can be changed retroactively.

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How does this work retroactively? I've already copy-pasted a question over here; is there any way to link it to a question on MY? Also, what is imported with the post – just the thread itself, or also any comments on it? ‭DonielF‭ about 2 months ago

@DonielF does it have answers there? Here? We don't have question merging yet, but if there's been divergence we could bring over the other question and then mark one as a dupe of the other I guess? I'm open for input on the best way to handle this situation. ‭Monica Cellio‭ about 2 months ago

I would like to import,,,, and (note that the last of those links to another MY question – I'll leave it to your judgement how to handle that). ‭DonielF‭ about 2 months ago

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The first round of data imports has been done. You can distinguish an imported question from a native one by the Stack Exchange icon next to the tags:


I said before that posts could be imported with scores. While what I said was literally correct, it was an error -- the script records scores but not upvotes and downvotes. Scores here are "Wilson scores", which are in the range of 0..1. (A post with no votes is 0.5.) So a score of 7 coming in from SE doesn't fit, but we don't have the raw upvotes and downvotes with which to compute our scores. We could change the import script to get that, but the import script is somewhat fragile and any errors have to be cleaned up by someone with database access, so I don't know when/if we'll do that.

This means two things:

  1. Contrary to what I said before, posts came in at +0/-0 and people will need to vote on them here. I apologize for my mistake.

  2. There was a glitch affecting some users because of those out-of-bound imported scores. We believe we've fixed them, but if you find anything strange, like not being able to vote on certain posts, please report them here on Meta.

There is an additional problem: Hebrew on the imported posts seems to have come through wrong. I've asked if there's something we can do systematically (maybe it's just a setting or font thing?) or if we'll need to clean them up by hand. If we have to clean up these ~20 questions by hand that's not the end of the world if we all pitch in; we'd want to find and fix the problem before doing another import, but if fixing the DB is hard, let's pitch in and do some editing. I'll update this post when I have more information on that.

Also, there seems to be a glitch with some of the "thermometer" bars on imported questions -- for most +0/-0 questions they're absent, as expected, but a few show green or red bars. I don't know why. It went away when I cast a native vote on one of the affected questions, so with luck it's just an initialization error that will soon be overcome by site activity.


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