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Why do we kiss the Teffilin at Ashrei?


In most siddurim by Ashrei, it says to touch the arm Teffilin at פּותֵחַ אֶת יָדֶךָ,and the head Teffilin at וּמַשבִּיעַ לְכָל חַי רָצון.

What is the connection between Hashem sustaining us and the kissing of the Teffilin?

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I'm not familiar with this practice. Is the first in place of opening the hand at פּותֵחַ אֶת יָדֶךָ, or in addition? Monica Cellio about 1 month ago

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The practice is discussed and a source given here. A full answer would seem to be a combination of the first answer given there from the book Taamei Haminhagim (why the tefillin at that point - because of the acronyms for sustenance created by the words of Ashrei and our associating sustenance with performance of mitzvot) and the second, in the name of Rabbi Rakowski, which mentions kissing them as a way to ensure one never forgets about them.


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