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Sources for the meaning of David's name


I have often wondered about the meaning of David's name. I believe Da'at Mikra write that it may be a short form of Dodvahu (דודוהו), which also appears somewhere in Tanach and means Dod (friend) of God. I was wondering whether there were sources that state other views to the meaning of David's name?

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I don't understand what you're seeking. You say you're seeking the meaning of the name, but you cite a source as to its etymology. Also, I don't know what "meaning" means to you when it comes to a name: usually the meaning of a word is what it refers to, but a name refers to a person. ‭msh210‭ 23 days ago

@msh210 sorry. I'm looking for the meaning of the name. If it's a short form of Dodvahu, it means that David means Dod (friend) of Hashem. Random example for meaning: my name, Harel, literally means mountain of Hashem, but is also the name of a part of the mizbe'ach in the Mikdash, as described in the Book of Yechezkel. Both are two meanings of the word Harel. ‭Harel13‭ 23 days ago

I don't agree. If it's a short form of a name that comes from words meaning "friend of God", then it's a short form of a name that comes from words meaning "friend of God" and nothing more. It certainly doesn't mean "friend of God". But if that's what you mean by "mean" then that's fine, but then I recommend you edit your question to clarify as much so people can understand what you're looking for without having to read the comments. ‭msh210‭ 23 days ago

@msh210 are you suggesting that names that are short forms are meaningless? ‭Harel13‭ 22 days ago

No, I'm suggesting that the meaning of a name, like the meaning of anything else, is its referent, and that the referent of a name is the person who has it. So the meaning of "yona" is a dove or pigeon and the meaning of "Yona" is that guy over there. ‭msh210‭ 22 days ago

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