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Q&A Not referring to children by nicknames

0 answers  ·  last activity about 1 hour ago by ploni‭

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Q&A Does "החג" include שמיני עצרת?

1 answer  ·  last activity about 1 month ago by msh210‭

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Q&A How is God's name pronounced when there is a prefix?

1 answer  ·  last activity 3 months ago by DonielF‭

Question words divine-names
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Q&A May one name a secular object using a Divine Name?

1 answer  ·  last activity 3 months ago by Alaychem‭

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Q&A Sources for the meaning of David's name

0 answers  ·  last activity 3 months ago by Harel13‭

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Q&A Why does Nun have an Aramaic name?

0 answers  ·  last activity 4 months ago by Harel13‭

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