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Welcome to Judaism!


Welcome to the Codidact site for Judaism! We're glad you're here and we're excited to see what you will build. This community is initially starting "from scratch", without importing Q&A from other sites; we can import posts from Mi Yodeya pending the outcome of community discussion here on Meta. Please ask questions about Judaism in the Q&A category and use this Meta category to discuss site policies, scope, customizations, and other matters. You can report bugs and ask for support here, too.

If you already have an account on another Codidact site, click "sign in" and use the same email address and password -- you're already in the system and don't need to create a new account. If you're new to Codidact, click "sign up" to create an account for yourself.

This site is running on beta software that will eventually become Codidact. We started with a Q&A platform that already existed, and over the coming weeks, we will be evolving this software toward the feature set we've identified for the first official release of Codidact. This means some things will change (mostly things will be added), but the core -- a community built around people working together to ask and answer questions and learn together -- will not change. You can read more about the vision for the platform and the features for the first release.

There is a reputation system here for now, and there are a few rep-based privileges, but it's kind of like a private beta at SE; everybody can do most things, so be careful. I believe deletion requires only one vote and auditing is limited. We don't have many moderation tools yet, but we do have flags. Be nice and be careful please. If you run into problems or have questions, post here on meta. Reputation will eventually be replaced by more specific stats (like how many answers you've posted and roughly their total score), and a system of trust levels will grant privileges based on your activity on the site.

We don't have on-site chat yet, but there is a Discord server for Codidact communities. Pop into the "access-management" channel and check off the communities you want to see chat rooms for. (This is so you don't have to wade through rooms for sites you're not interested in every time you visit.)

Welcome aboard!

This site was proposed on Codidact Meta. Some threads about site scope and setup started there; please bring them here now.

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Is this site going to be as aggressively Orthodox as Mi Yodeya?


This answer on the proposal that led to this site proposes a broader scope and has strong support. We'll need to work this out on our meta now that we have one. Monica Cellio 7 days ago

@Monica How do categories work here? Rabbinic and non-Rabbinic might be too broad of a division, but would such an idea help to cater to non-Orthodox communities, if it's feasible to implement that well? DonielF 6 days ago

@DonielF possible, though I worry about crossovers. On MY I once asked a question (and was shouted down until I deleted it) that I thought was general and turned out to be specific to Conservative. Another time I asked a question based on Conservative experience and found out everyone does that. R & C Jews can have sound questions about things that apply to everybody, knowing or not; if we segregate them will they get good answers that increase torah knowledge? Monica Cellio 6 days ago

Aliza, Mi Yodeya was de jure pretty non-Orthodox. Stack Exchange is (or was) optimized to attract experts. It so happens that most of the world's Judaism experts are Orthodox. (That's just an observation.) So de facto most of Mi Yodeya took place for and between Orthodox Jews. I don't expect this site to end up that different given the same sort of initial conditions. (Also just an observation; I'm willing to be proven wrong.) AA​ 5 days ago

Like any library, this site offers tons of great information, but does not offer personalized, professional advice, and does not take the place of seeking such advice from your rabbi.

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