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Is learning Aleph Beis considered learning Torah?


In a number of sources we find learning Aleph Beis associated with learning Torah: notably Shabbos 31a, with the convert who Hillel persuaded with reversing the Aleph Beis; Shabbos 103b-104a, with its lengthy expositions on the shape and order of the Aleph Beis, as well as permutations and pairings thereof, and its expositions on the "closed" and "open" forms of letters (what we call "middle" and "final" forms); and Bereishis Rabbah 1:10-11 with its expositions on why the Torah begins with the letter Beis and further expositions on the closed and open letters.

Is this merely for Aggadic purposes that these teachings are taught? Or can we infer from here that learning or teaching Aleph Beis is halachically considered learning Torah, such that, for instance, one may not mull over the Hebrew alphabet in a bathroom, and one may not teach the Hebrew alphabet before saying Birchos HaTorah?

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I thought the Rambam holds learning loshon hakodesh and dikduk is a mitzvah robev‭ 19 days ago

@robev I'm unfamiliar with such a halacha, but if you can track it down, it would make for a good starting point for an answer. DonielF‭ 17 days ago

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