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After being expelled, did Adam and Chava build tents or houses for themselves or continue to live outdoors?


I've always assumed (but can't prove) that while Adam and Chava were in Gan Eden, and had they stayed, they lived out in nature -- they didn't require tents or other shelter. When they are expelled they're told that the ground will be inhospitable (they'll have to work for food), but it doesn't say everything will be inhospitable. One possibility is that they continued to live outside, perhaps taking shelter under trees or natural rock formations. I mean, if the world isn't inhospitable and they haven't been given the idea to build structures, why would they?

On the other hand, after Kayin kills his brother and is set to wandering, he builds a city. Did he learn that from his parents? Did he learn it from other peoples who were somehow on the earth?1

(When) did Adam and Chava build shelter for themselves, and what form did it take?

  1. I admit to some confusion about Kayin's wife, but that's a different question.

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