Divrei Torah Category: LAUNCHED!


An oft-requested feature for this community is a forum in which people can post their own Chiddushei Torah, their own Torah novelties — their own Divrei Torah. We are excited to announce that the Divrei Torah category has officially launched!

With cautious optimism we are attempting, as with everything else on here, to open up this category to community moderation. We're trusting you with ensuring the quality of the thoughts communicated there. Per my summary here, we're currently setting this up as giving you three days, excluding Shabbos and Yom Tov if relevant, after which the metric to keep is more upvotes than downvotes, i.e. a score above 0.5. This is subject to change; this is new for everyone, and we're working out the kinks as we go along.

Divrei Torah are currently set up as Articles only. That means that conversation is limited to the comments right now. I encourage response Divrei Torah to be posted as standalone Articles, rather than trying to cram it into a 500-character comment box.

Divrei Torah can be on any topic whatsoever, but they have to be Torah-related and they have to be on-topic as would be defined for regular Q&A. As always, if you have any questions feel free to post a Meta query about it.

Most importantly, Torah is always built on that which came before, all the way back to Har Sinai; if you quote sources, make sure to cite them appropriately!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone has to share!

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Great! Very Good! :) ‭Dr. Shmuel‭ 16 days ago

What does "integration of sources" mean. Or should I post that as a question ‭robev‭ 16 days ago

@robev using multiple sources together in some way that interacts ‭Isaac Moses‭ 16 days ago

Awesome! :D 15 ch. ‭Harel13‭ 15 days ago

I posted an initial entry. Let me acknowledge that a great deal of it consists of quoting R' Hirsch and otherwise restating his ideas in my words. However, as the idea of the devar Torah is to then apply his ideas about the Temple service as suggestions for specific thoughts to evoke during the Yom Kippur prayer service, I think this is sufficiently "novel" (scare quotes because I'm sure I'm not the first to try this) to be worthy of the platform. ‭Isaac Moses‭ 15 days ago

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