Where is Rabeinu Gershom's commentary on the first half of Menachos [in the ancient editions]?


There are instances when I cannot use my Oz Vehadar edition of tractate Menachos, and thus I am forced1 into using an older edition, i.e. the old-fashioned Vilna printings2, from, like, two-thousand years ago. I noticed that unlike my shiny new copies of this tractate, which contain Rabeinu Gershom's running commentary throughout the entire tractate, the old versions seems to be lacking his holy words for about the first forty pages or so. Why is this?

  1. I am not.

  2. Eeecckh!

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I posted this question here because when I entered "j" for mi yodeya, judaism.codidact popped up and I pressed enter. Thanks for having me. ‭Dr. Shmuel‭ 20 days ago

Thanks for being here! :-) ‭Monica Cellio‭ 20 days ago

Since an answer suggests the commentaries are not extant, could you clarify which shiny new copies have it? Or do you mean that your copies of other tractates have it, but not this one? ‭Monica Cellio‭ 20 days ago

See my comment below @Monica. I did some digging after reading that answer, and it turns out that the shiny ones have a whole introduction concerning the topic. Essentially they got ahold of sources and manusripts which had it and added it back in. The Rome MS of RG which the Vilna Shas is based on lacked until page 39. Hope to write out an answer some time. ‭Dr. Shmuel‭ 20 days ago

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