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I am hoping (b'li neder) to start, relatively soon, a regular regimen of study of the Talmud Bavli. My goal is to learn large swaths of the g'mara, gaining broad knowledge, but without taking the time to go deeply into it, so I'll probably stick to Rashi as commentator for the most part. Unfortunately, I will probably need to do this alone, without a chavrusa, and I'm worried — indeed I'm sure — that I'm going to get stuck at certain points. Having an ArtScroll g'mara at hand would be helpful at such times, but I don't want to buy every volume of the ArtScroll g'mara — I mention this just so you can get an idea, if you're familiar with the ArtScroll g'mara, of the kind of resource I seek. Can anyone recommend a free Internet resource that explains the g'mara clearly and fully, and that allows me to find a section or line of g'mara easily? (That last criterion would exclude most audio lectures, since it's hard to find where in the lecture a certain passage is discussed.)

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−0 has the gemara in the format it appears in a sefer, with translations1. It also breaks up the text into categories of statement, question, answer, attack, defence, and proof.

  1. I think it has for all of shas, but I am not 100% sure.



The Real Clear Daf app presents the current position of the shiur in highlight form.

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