Naming a daughter when there's no minyan around


Normally in my experience, a baby girl is named in the presence of a minyan, generally at a Torah reading. If her parents are not expecting to be with a minyan for the foreseeable future, should they ideally

  • appoint an agent to name her in a minyan's presence (and does this require a legally effective agency appointment?),
  • wait until they will be with a minyan,
  • name her absent a minyan, or
  • what?
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During Israel's first wave, there was a shacharit minyan broadcast on the radio every weekday and on Mondays and Thursdays they would announce newborn girl names sent to them. ‭Harel13‭ 30 days ago

I'd answer with this responsum from Rav Herschel Schachter, but he was discussing when no one was going to shul. Your question is interesting, where some are, but the parents aren't. My brother-in-law also was told by his Rav to simply just start using a name. ‭robev‭ 30 days ago

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