Hebrew username is backwards


Some users here (as opposed to other codidact sites) are more likely to have Hebrew letters in their username.

One such user is רבות מחשבות. I recall seeing a post of theirs a few months ago, and it looked normal.

Now, on the site, their username is backwards. I assume this is the result of some formatting change that happened recently, as I said I remember it appearing normal in the past.

I didn't double check this for other users (if there are any, yet), but I assume it will be the same problem.

Why should this post be closed?

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New requirement. You can only use a Hebrew username if it is a palindrome like דוד גוֹג ישי‎ and doesn't end in ךףץןם. ‭manassehkatz‭ about 1 month ago

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This is a bug caused by an attempted fix of Off formatting in comment ending in text in a RTL script and RTL directives in a username overflowed into the UI.

The aforementioned fix involves setting a left to right override in order for the layout to render in the correct order, but unfortunately this breaks RTL usernames.

As a temporary solution to this bug, you can put a right-to-left override at the beginning of your name, which as the name implies overrides the site setting of left to right and fixes the username.


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