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What role does the Satan play in Jewish theology?


There are multiple references to the "Satan" in Jewish texts, most notably in the book of Eyov (Job), where God allows the Satan to devastate Eyov's life, including killing his family.

We also have mentions in the G'mara, such as in Rosh Hashanah 16b, where one of the reasons for blowing the Shofar is given as "...כדי לערבב השטן" ("in order to confuse the Satan").

With this in mind, there's also the secular view of Satan as a figure diametrically opposed to God, an embodiment of pure evil, or a "fallen angel" who turns evil.

What is the Jewish view of the Satan? Is he a pure evil being, or an agent of God? Is he an angel? Why do we want to confuse him on Rosh Hashana?

What role does the Satan play in Jewish theology?

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There are several answers to what it means to confuse Satan, so I recommend putting that as a separate question. ‭Harel13‭ 11 days ago

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