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hearing half of a double-long תרועה


Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayim 587:3, cites a view that if someone heard half of a double-long t'ki'a (long shofar blast) in a way that was effective but the other half in an invalid way, then he's not considered to have heard a t'ki'a for fulfilling-the-command purposes.

Does that apply to a t'ru'a (series of mini-blasts) also? Suppose someone blew twice as many as needed, and someone else heard only half of them validly. On the one hand, it counts as one sound just as a t'ki'a does, so perhaps one needs to hear its start and end just as he does a t'ki'a's. On the other, since physically it's a series of short blasts, maybe hearing the start and end of each of those blasts is enough and one doesn't need to hear the start and end of the t'ru'a.

Do any halachic sources discuss this?

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