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Is there a list of the different types of deaths?


The Gemara in Brachot says:

It was also taught in a baraita: Nine hundred and three types of death were created in the world, as it is stated: “Issues [totzaot] of death,” and that, 903, is the numerical value [gimatriya] of totzaot. The Gemara explains that the most difficult of all these types of death is croup [askara], while the easiest is the kiss of death.

I was wondering if there's anywhere a list of all 903 different types of deaths? Or a partial list (other than the two mentioned here)? Also, do all of these deaths refer to death by natural causes or also to different ways of killing?

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903? I raise by 97 ‭Alaychem‭ 24 days ago

@Alaychem those must be illnesses that weren't around in the time of the gemara... ‭Harel13‭ 24 days ago

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