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A year with eight Sh'minis is plenteous?


I've heard an idea that a year (like 5772) in which parashas Sh'mini is read eight times1 is a particularly auspicious one: the wording of the maxim is something like "sh'mona Sh'mini sh'mena" ([a year with] eight Sh'minis is fat [=plenteous]). Does anyone know the provenance, wording, or meaning of this maxim/idea?

  1. This occurs in chutz laaretz (only) in a year in which Pesach starts on the Shabas after Shabas parashas Tzav. In that case, Sh'mini is read the afternoon of Shabas hagadol, the following Monday and Thursday, the afternoons of the first and eighth days of Pesach, the following Monday and Thursday, and the Shabas morning after Pesach.

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Here is the hisvaadus that presents this idea (in seif yud). Found by googling so I can't provide any additional information.

‫ובזה גופא — קוראים פ׳ שמיני‬ ‫שמונה פעמים. וכמדובר פעם הפתגם‬ ‫בזה מחסידי פולין: שמיני שמונה‬ ‫שמנה, כלומר, ששנה שקוראים בה פ׳‬ ‫שמיני שמונה פעמים — תהי׳ שנה‬ ‫״שמנה״.‬

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