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If someone accidentally misses davening, but would have skipped it anyway, does he do tashlumin?


Usually, if someone accidentally misses a davening, he makes the shemoneh esrei up by saying it twice the next time (called tashlumin) [source needed].

If someone misses davening accidentally, but would have skipped davening even if he hadn't forgotten, can he still do tashlumin?

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Why would he have skipped it anyway? I don't really understand the case AA​ 7 days ago

@AA Sounds like someone who doesn't normally pray, but in this instance they forgot about the previous praying opportunity, and now they want to pray. Once, or twice? robev 7 days ago

@robev how do you forget to do something you weren't planning on doing? If I don't eat ham for lunch today, it's not because I forgot to eat it. AA​ 7 days ago

@AA What does it matter? Let’s say for the sake of the question that he would have skipped anyway because he was in an important business meeting that he didn’t want to miss. Lo Ani 6 days ago

I think @AA is asking what did they forget then. They forgot to skip it? That's not called forgetting to pray... robev 6 days ago

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