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Why does Nun have an Aramaic name?


Nun, the father of Yehoshua, is apparently named after a word for fish in Aramaic (for example, Beresheet Rabbah 97:3; Divrei Emet, Matot). His father Elishama (according to Divrei Hayamim 1:7:26-27) had a Hebrew name. His son Yehoshua had a Hebrew name. Arguably, all of Ephraim's descendants (prior to Nun) have Hebrew names. Why does Nun have an Aramaic name?

Something to consider: If it's because Elishama wanted to give his son a non-Hebrew name, wouldn't an Egyptian name make more sense?

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@rosends, I highly appreciate the explanation. In fact, it may even explain why Nun is so often mentioned along with Yehoshua. I picture a scenario around something like: Elishama had lost hope of leaving Egypt, and so decided to at least attempt to prepare his son for assimilation into Egypt. His son, however, didn't lose hope and so returned to the traditional Hebrew name with his son. For this, he is commended by the Tanach. Just a סברא, though. Harel13 16 days ago

Take care with citing Midrashim as to the etymology of names; by this logic you'd come to conclusions such that even Chavah had an Aramaic name (Bereishis Rabbah 20:11), even though Aram wouldn't exist for another 12 generations and Aramaic for another 15. DonielF 15 days ago

@DonielF I guess that's true. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a Hebrew meaning for Nun (other than the letter...). Any suggestions would be welcomed. Harel13 15 days ago

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