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The End of a Period of Nezirut


Must a Nazir explicitly break the terms of his Nezirut on the day that his term of Nezirut ends (or the day after the last day)?

If he doesn't is there any notion of his implicitly accepting another term or is the term over and if he happens not to do anything which is forbidden to a Nazir that doesn't have any consequence? (Admittedly, I'm weak on the laws of Nezirut)

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My understanding (but no sources at the moment, so just a comment) is that the status and prohibitions of Nezirus extend beyond any specifically stated end-time or default 30-days until the proper Korban, etc. is completed. As a result (and this is the context where I learned it, many years ago), anyone who becomes a Nazir Bezman Hazeh (and the last almost 2,000 years) is stuck in that status until Mashiach. manassehkatz 9 days ago

@manassehkatz that begs 2 questiona (assuming a time when sacrifices can be made): 1. If it extends in the absence of a korban, does it extend for another definite term or it just keeps going? 2. can all sacrifices be offered on any day of the year? Are there any days on the calendar when would NOT have been allowed to offer the korban required? A third question might be tangentially related -- what does someone on ir miklat do if he has to give a korban? rosends 9 days ago

FYI, all based on recollection of learning these things in the past (more than just "read the Parasha" but far less than "studied relevant Gemara in-depth"): 1 - Just keeps going until Korban/etc.; 2 - Generally speaking, personal sacrifices can't be brought on Shabbos; 3 - Interesting question. Might be that they just have to wait until death of Kohen Gadol (ironically for a Korban). manassehkatz 9 days ago

@manasseh personal sacrifices with a fixed time can be brought on shabbos. The classic examples are korban pesach and the kohein gadol's daily chavitin and yom kippur par (and par helem davar). I don't think nazir is included but it's not as simple as you say. AA​ 9 days ago

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