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Is the Sanhedrin supposed to serve as an international court?


Related to this question.

Someone told me today that the nascent Sanhedrin, at one point, held a trial for Achamadenijad for crimes against Israel.

Is the Sanhedrin ever meant to serve as a kind of international court, Hague-style? I was under the impression (no sources at the moment) that its jurisdiction was only over Jews worldwide (in cases that pertain to Jews) and non-Jews living in Israel, outside of that, non-Jews have their own mitzvah of building courts for themselves.

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Were Achamadenijad's [alleged] crimes not against Jews? AA​ 19 days ago

@AA yes, but he doesn't live in Israel, in which case, I figure he should be tried by a hypothetical state-sanctioned Iranian Noahide court. Harel13 19 days ago

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