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Which ethical teachings are unique to Judaism?


Are there any ethical teachings found in the corpus of the written Torah which are unique to Judaism and are not found in other world religions current or past? If so, what are they?

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To answer this question, one must have knowledge of all other religions ever practiced anywhere. I don't think anyone is so equipped. msh210 16 days ago

@msh210 Google is :) Dani 16 days ago

The written Torah is old enough that it's unlikely there are any teachings in it that have never been adopted/adapted by any younger religions. Isaac Moses 16 days ago

@msh210 - or take a couple comparative religion courses withoutatrace 16 days ago

I don't think that any search engine can account for every single teaching but I'm also not sure what counts as "ethical" teaching as opposed to a non-ethical one. rosends 16 days ago

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I'm not equipped enough to say it's unique, but I would say that Lashon Hara (at least, the way that the Chafetz Haim understands it) is very uncommon.

Lashon Hara - you don't publish your fellow Jew flaws (without a really good reason), even it's the complete truth.


"you don't publish your fellow Jew flaws (without a really good reason), even it's the complete truth" I see no reason to think this isn't common knowledge. AA​ 12 days ago

@AA The question is not "common knowledge". The question is whether this is held as a belief by other religions. manassehkatz 12 days ago

@manasseh plenty of religions hold of a pretty commonsense understanding of don't be mean AA​ 11 days ago

This one also exists in Islam under the name gheebah user53100 11 days ago

@user53100 "Gheebah" is backbiting. According to the Chafetz Haim Lashon Hara is even in the presence of the Lashon Hara subject. Alaychem 10 days ago

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