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Natural organic reduction as a burial solution


I ask for the sake of discussion, and by no means a practical advice

What would be the halactic viewpoint of natural organic reduction as a burial solution?

from the site's FAQ:

Natural organic reduction is a process which gently converts human remains into soil... During the process, change occurs on a molecular level... Everything - including bones and teeth – is transformed.
That’s because our system creates the perfect environment for thermophilic (i.e. heat-loving) microbes and beneficial bacteria to break everything down quite quickly. By controlling the ratio of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and moisture, our system creates the perfect environment for these creatures to the end of the 30 days...the much like the topsoil you'd buy at your local nursery.
At the end of our process, all that remains is soft, beautiful soil.

The process happens in a chamber, within 30 days.

Is dealing with the corpse outside of the grave problematic?
Is it similar to cremation because of the relatively fast process and outcome?

Clarification: I ask about the corpse turning to soil part, not about how you handle the soil afterwards.

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Perhaps this may be like the way the bodies were handled in ancient days. That is, after the flesh was gone from the bones, the bones were reburied. However, perhaps this is what happens over the course of time in a grave anyways. In that case, what difference would it make as the resulting soil would have to be buried in a plot? Just put the appropriate container in the grave. sabbahillel 14 days ago

@sabbahillel I think that the container can't be buried, it has to be connected to power source for heat. Alaychem 14 days ago

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