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Hatov Ve'Hametiv for wine that is not made of grapes


Can one bless Hatov Ve'Hametiv on wine that is not made of grapes (like pomegranates, figs etc) like he would on a grape wine?

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My understanding is hatov vehameitiv is an upgrade from saying borei pri hagafen. If you would say borei pri hagafen on these then yes, if not, no. robev 24 days ago

@robev I agree. But sources would be helpful. manassehkatz 24 days ago

@robev "hatov vehameitiv" is no an upgrade from saying "bore pri hagafen" since it does not replace it, it's an upgrade of "Shechianu" [which is no special for grapes]. Alaychem 23 days ago

@Alaychem you are correct in a non-wine drinking context. If a person is drinking a new glass of wine that requires a borei pri hagafen, and they fulfill all the requirements, they would make instead hatov vehameitiv*. That's why I see it as an upgrade. robev 23 days ago

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