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Asking questions that have answers on MY?


Out of interest of helping move Judaism Codidact forward, if I have a question and I see it already has answers in MY, should I still ask it here (bearing in mind that, a. from what I've heard, there are some new people around here. b. new interest may spark new answers)?

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c. Ask a mod to import it? ‭DonielF‭ 2 months ago

@DonielF I haven't been around so much these last couple of weeks, but when I left it seemed to me that people were still debating what and when and how to import (and that still appears to be the case, though I may be wrong). If I'm interested in bringing up a subject here and now, how should I go about doing that? Personally, I think the answer may be related to a different question, on whether or not JC is simply MY with different rules or not. ‭Harel13‭ 2 months ago

@DonielF Can you do that? ‭AA​ ‭ 2 months ago

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If the same question is already on Mi Yodeya and it hasn't for whatever reason been imported yet, you should request it be imported. This may take a day or two to process for now but it helps keep everything clean and organized. New eyes here can then build on the previous work of others instead of starting from scratch.


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