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Can a man father legal children after death?


If semen was extracted from a dead man, and then used to impregnate a woman, is the offspring a legal son (let's limit it to male) of the dead man?

Or, more simply put, is a child born of ones semen (either before or after death and without or without his permission) a legal child, which would have many consequences in Halacha. Such as inheritance, Chalitsah and other such related categories. If not, how is his lineage to be viewed?

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@DonielF, even though it is only an example.. not sure if that is evident, but it would certainly give any answer proper context and whatnot.. Dr. Shmuel 24 days ago

Assuming "without or without" is really "with or without", there are 4 different scenarios here: with permission before death ("normal"), without permission before death (sperm bank misuse?), with permission after death (normal conception, but died before birth of son), without permission after death ("extracted from a dead man"). Suggest breaking this up into clear sections - "with permission before" is something certainly discussed quite a bit. manassehkatz 24 days ago

Not entirely parallel, but Sanhedrin 92b.4 implies that there is inheritance after death and resurrection user8078 23 days ago

This topic is being discussed excessively by the most important poskim, and it's beyond the scope of this site... Alaychem 23 days ago

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