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Doubling up on a Siyum


Asking for a friend:

If I learn with a Chavrusa and we both finish a Masechta together, assuming that we wait until different days to make the Siyum (whether permitted or not), if we each attend the other's Siyum, does it have the status of a Seudas Mitzvah? On the one hand, it is a completely separate celebration. On the other hand, I already celebrated the finishing of learning that Masechta with that person!

For example, if during the 9 days (or week of Tish'a B'Av) I make a Siyum on Sunday, and my Chavrusa makes a Siyum on Tuesday, is it appropriate for me to attend and eat meat at both Siyums?

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You say "we both finish a Masechta together". Do you mean "almost finish"? Doesn't the finishing happen at the siyum itself? msh210 27 days ago

Yes, technically speaking (although practically speaking, and much to my chagrin, many people study the final part of the Masechta before the siyum...) רבות מחשבות 26 days ago

This could lead to a chaburah of 8 people holding 8 siyumim during the 9 days on the same piece of learning. rosends 26 days ago

Are both celebrating Torah study? What's the problem? Are either just facades to ignore mourning the Temple and with no one caring about the Torah study? What's the heter? AA​ 26 days ago

although practically speaking, and much to my chagrin, many people study the final part of the Masechta before the siyum... From personal experience (a Siyum of my own group shortly (fortunately!) before the COVID-19 shutdown; and from experience with many others), I suspect the vast majority of people planning to lead a Siyum will study the last portion in advance to be prepared - I certainly did. They just might not study it together as a group in the usual way. manassehkatz 26 days ago

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