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Retying shoes in order


In Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 2:4 it says:

ואח"כ ינעול של שמאל ויקשרנו ויחזור ויקשור של ימין
Then after that put on the left one and fasten it, and return and fasten the right one

First you should tie the left shoe, and after that , tie the right one.

Does this also apply when retying your shoes, or is it only the first time you put them on (i.e. if both of my shoes untie at the same time, do I have to tie the left one first)?
Would it make a difference if I purposely untied my shoes in order to retie them?

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Does ינעול even apply to tying shoelaces? It's talking about fastening certain leather straps (which is obviously reminiscent of tefillin) ‭AA​ ‭ 3 months ago

@AA Why wouldn't it? ‭Dani‭ 3 months ago

Same reason it might not apply to velcro. Or magnets. Or snap buttons. Or glue. Just not the same thing and not similar to tefillin. Why would a tefillin rule apply to magnets? And seriously how do you lock strings? ‭AA​ ‭ 3 months ago

@AA Have you not heard of Lock Laces? ‭Ze'ev Felsen‭ 3 months ago

@AA Rav Chaim Kanievsky says that zippers (רוכסן) and "סקוטש" (Velcro??) is considered like tying, and one should tie the left first. (דעת נוטה עמ' סו, cited in Dirshu Mishna Brura 2ed.) (Even though MB #6 writes that there is no need to tie the left first when putting on felt socks (אנפילאות של לבד).) ‭MTL‭ 2 months ago

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