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Examples of derivations


At the end of Korbanos during davening there is a Baraisa that starts with רַבִּי יִשְׁמָעֵאל אוֹמֵר. It tells us of different methods of derivation that can be used throughout Tanach.

Does anyone have examples from Tanach for each of the 13 options? It will make reading it so much easier.

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The hebrew wikipedia article has examples for each of these, would you like them reposted as an answer? PinnyM 6 days ago

There are also answers to this posted at MY. Isaac Moses 6 days ago

I believe that the Artscroll siddur goes into depth with examples for each rosends 6 days ago

@rosends Which edition? Dani 6 days ago

@Dani the regular daily (weekday) Eng/Heb Artscroll rosends 6 days ago

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