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Meet the Codidact Team!


As we start on building a new community here together, we're bound to find some sticking points. Those might be bugs, new features you need, things you need support with... whatever they are, the Codidact team is here to support the growth of this site however we can.

We'll keep tabs on how things are going here, offer support and advice where we can, and we'll be as responsive, open, and honest with you as we can. One of the founding principles of Codidact is that we're by the community, for the community - we're not a private, profit-focused company, so the success of our sites comes first, always.

These folks are some of the faces (well, avatars) you might see around the site, and particularly around Meta.

  • ArtOfCode
    That's me! I'm the Team Lead for Codidact, so I do a lot of coordination of efforts for the project. I'm also the primary developer for the software these sites are running on at the moment, so I'll often weigh in on things that need developer input or perspective.
  • Monica Cellio
    I hear this site might know of Monica already... Monica is the Docs & Community Lead for Codidact, so her role also involves lots of coordination and community-building. Monica is, of course, one of the key figures from this site's predecessor on Stack Exchange.
  • luap42
    luap42 is Codidact's Tech Lead, which means he heads up many of our technical and architectural decisions and coordination. He's also one of the developers on this software, so he might weigh in here on Meta sometimes too.
  • Sigma & Mithical
    Sigma and Mithical are our joint group leaders for user documentation, which puts them at the head of efforts to develop documentation and help for our communities - so they might drop into discussions about how we can best support you.
  • Mithrandir24601
    Mithrandir24601 is another of our group leaders, for developer docs - which is a role more focused on supporting the people developing our software, but might nevertheless result in some lurking around Meta.

We're looking forward to see what kind of site we can build here!

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Hello from me!👋 luap42 6 days ago

Hi everyone and thank you for leading the project to build Codidact and specifically to build Judaism.CD. Glad to see all these familiar names leading the charge; I'm confident that this project will go swimmingly with y'all at the forefront. DonielF 6 days ago

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Like any library, this site offers tons of great information, but does not offer personalized, professional advice, and does not take the place of seeking such advice from your rabbi.

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