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I've already made a siyum on a work. Can I make a full siyum a second time?


As a personal example, I completed learning all of Shas Mishnayot (with the Kehati commentary) for my thirteenth birthday. At the time, I made a siyum; with the Hadran Alach, the special Kaddish, the works.

I've been considering learning the whole thing again - to brush up on it and refresh my knowledge (I was fairly young when I learned it, after all). This would potentially include a second siyum, since I do plan on, well, finishing it a second time.

Can I make a complete siyum again, with the Kaddish for a siyum and everything else, for the same text that I've already made a siyum on?

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Why not? Daf Yomi does that every 7-1/2 years (plus many Daf Yomi groups actually have a Siyum on each Mesechta). That's Gemara rather than Mishna, but the principle should be the same. manassehkatz 7 days ago

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Yes, you are absolutely encouraged to do this. This is the common practice when reviewing one's learning, however regularly that may be. In fact, the colloquial (though not universally accepted) translation for the words "Hadran Alach" are "We shall return to you"

A rather famous example of this was reported of Rabbi Aryeh Leib Ginzburg, who made a Siyum not long before his death upon completing the Talmud one thousand times.


One thousand times!? Lev 4 days ago

@Lev indeed. I am not aware of an authoritative source for this, but I have seen this in print numerous times. Online as well, for example: here (see 15 Tammuz), and here . PinnyM 4 days ago

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