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Weekly Topic Challenge #3: Beis HaMikdash/Holy Temple Article


The third topic challenge topic is: The Beis HaMikdash/Holy Temple.

To participate in the challenge, all you have to do is make your way over to the main questions tab and ask a question on this topic. Make sure to tag it with [beit-hamikdash-temple], then copy a link to your question into a comment on this post.

This week's challenge has concluded.


Once again, the act of writing a question led me to an answer and thus I did not post it. (I didn't understand how the keyring in the heical worked and now I think I get it.) Monica Cellio about 21 hours ago

@Monica You of all people should know that the help center still allows self-answering. Why not post what you found? DonielF about 21 hours ago

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